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Thread: Two cussamer serbiss calls in a row wore me out

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    Default Two cussamer serbiss calls in a row wore me out

    I have to deal with all kinds of bullshit arising from bureaucratic incompetence. I chose yesterday afternoon to clear the decks of two things. The first one was with our insurance company, an employee went to go to the dentist and the dentist said they had no coverage which was bullshit since we've been paying the premium for months. So I call and get Shaquesha or similar, it of course has no clue what to do so it say it gonna dun find da right department n' sheet and do I mind a brief howd n' sheet? Sure, I say. So I'm on hold for probably 20 minutes, the sheboon finally gets back on and says the humans have solved the problem. Relatively minor coontact, I guess, but the acceptable number of coontacts is zero so it still is a pain.

    Now on to the second coontact. We recently filed our state income tax return. We had no tax liability, but the State of AZ assesses a minimum $50 tax. So on the tax return we have a $50 tax, estimated payments of a lot more, so when you subtract the $50 from the amount paid we have effectively paid the $50. Didn't write a check, but the tax is paid. I get a bill from the idiots at the state asking for their $50 plus $3 of penalties and interest. Out of principle I call bullshit and call the number to get it fixed. I end up with yet another sheboon, I humanly explain the obvious error and the sheboon says “OK aw u gotta do iz sen’ in da proofa da payment to da cussamer serbiss address”. I say “Understood, but we paid the tax by lowering our refund on the return, and you already have the return.” The boon is silent (nice bonus!), clearly no clue. So I say “do you want me to photocopy the return and send that as proof?” “Das currec”, says the boon and I get off the phone.

    Bonus in all of this is that I confirmed that my boss is a niggermaniac. I went to him to vent, and I was acting out the boon’s language and he was laughing his ass off. He had told me about his son making some comments about niggers, so I figured I’d go for full confirmation of his niggermaniac status.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NigorMortis View Post
    the acceptable number of coontacts is zero so it still is a pain.
    niggers are creating niggermaniacs wherever niggers are.

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    Had to deal with our cable company the other day - our internet came to a crawl and I had a big 2 hour webex meeting with a client in Brazil coming up in an hour. Our cable company is out in the country so usually I get some nice country girl on the phone and she's plenty competent. Not this time - I get Shitquanesha or something. I usually cut them off and tell them I've already rebooted the modem and tried hooking a computer direct to it (no router) to make sure it's an issue with their equipment, but she insists that she has to reboot it from her end. In the midst of her doing this she starts having a coughing fit in my ear and finally gags out to call back in 15 minutes if it doesn't speed up. Really?

    So I call back 20 minutes later, get a different nigger (D' - it's pronounced "deeapostrofee") and he goes through the same routine (minus the coughing fit.) He's babbling so bad I can barely understand this shitbeast, only to have him come back on after several "on howd" routines to tell me there's a service outage in my area and they're working on it. Well at least I can finally hang up!

    I think I need to have a service guy come out - I know both of them and they're both niggermaniacs.

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    Why any company thinks its a good idea to put 50 IQ apes that cant speak the Kings english in positions of customer service is beyond me !
    Niggers are the termites in the floorboards of humanity.
    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

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